A Professional Security Service Agency
A Little About Ourselves


Ronnie Chandler

Swat Security Transport Agency is a new security company specializing in security for any event or business in Mississippi and surrounding areas.  The business offers the best in security.  To that end, Swat Security is seeking the chance to be and provide all your security needs.  

Swat Security Transport Agency is a full service security and transportation agency based in Mississippi with operations expanding in Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas and Louisiana.  

Established in 2013, Swat Security Transport Agency was founded by Mr. Joseph W. Nabors and Ronnie Chandler who have pooled their resources to develop a new strategy for reaching and serving business clients.  Joseph Nabors, with an extensive background in law enforcement and having held positions as:
  • Law Enforcement Officer. over 28 years
  • Chief of Security
  • Lt. at Corrections Facility
  • Patrol Officer at Military Base
  • Patrol Officer as a Police Officer and Sherriff Department
Mr. Nabors vast experience of 28+ years guides our highly skilled and trained security officers to provide protection for business owners, celebrities, and property owners.  

Mr. Ronnie Chandler with 20+ years experience in security.  
  • Bounty Hunter

Joseph Nabors

Secretary Phonicia Palmer has over 18 years experience in the business and finance field, with little experience in security.  However, she has worked with numerous clients on necessary documents to run a business.  Ms. Palmer is the head  of the HR, Finance, Marketing and Operations Department at SWAT SECURITY TRANSPORT AGENCY.